This BLOG is Networking Community for you and friends…

September 26, 2009

This BLOG is Networking Community and Information on people, gatherings, events and others. All the content in this blog are news or business tips,from websites or articles…and fr friends..


Welcome to Camelia’s gatherings..

network yr way Rich..and make new friends…and also got CHANCE 2 meet me lor!!

PLEASE COME AND MEET me in person.

NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. OPEN to above 19years old.


“WORD OF MOUTH” advertising..ha haha …is more powerful than reading blogs and websites…

Drinks n Food – DUTCH/pay your drinks and meals.

During social or business networking gatherings…WE are united, harmony and peace…make new friends. Build networking with my friends. Promote your company. Sell your products here. Share informations here….also you build your OWN community/networking.

Camelia says “I believe more friends talk MORE, MORE, MORE…about products/services/ others… create MORE VALUE and WEALTH, …that way, you can make MORE $$$.”

DURING gatherings…

We talk investment overseas…
We talk mother’s experiences
We talk opportunities business online
We talk sponsorships
We talk licensing
We talk about government projects….which…
We talk about jobs vacancy and recuritment
We talk MLM businesses
We talk creative ideas….
We talk about jobs…

We talk about politics
We talk about elections….and money
We talk about oversea investment

We talk about dirty jokes ha haha We talk about grandma’s stories
We talk …what politics???
We talk about food and yummy delicious dishes
We talk about UFOs encounters, mysteries, what NONESENSE stories
We talk about GOD, religions, customs and …cultures.

Camelia will not be held any responsibilities of any business/contracts (misdeed/misconduct/Scams/cheats/illegal/others wrong transactions) between friends and others during or after of my gatherings.

Pls Call /SMS to confirm the date/place/time.Please give me time to reserve a seat for you. Do not be LAST MINUTE. I will not entertain you. You may bring your friends or bosses or spouse.


Mobile : 6-016-9795515

Love Camelia
Malaysian Chinese lady

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