Office Fridge

March 19, 2010

Carry your business cards when shopping, vacationing, and running errands. Your next sale may be right around the corner — at the beauty salon, barber shop, the launderette, or while standing on line at a bank. Business won’t come looking for you, and that’s why carrying business cards is a must.

Purchase several card holders to place inside your favorite carryalls. These cases keep your cards clean and flat rather than dingy and stained.

Inspect your business cards. Do you provide details that a prospect must know about your firm? Is the contact information up to date? Are your Web site and Email addresses listed?

Avoid passing out cards with deletions and other changes made in pen. It’s not the type of impression to leave with clients and prospects. Business cards are inexpensive. When your information changes, order new cards.

Consider ordering two or three types of business cards with information that appeals to different clients. For example, one card may be for individuals, while another is given to corporate buyers. Another idea is to consider purchasing a fold-over card (also known as two-sided).

Camelia says ” I carry 3 cards. And I think carry cards because it makes it easy for the people you meet to remember you later. You never know who might be the person who could one day bring you an opportunity.”

I Love You

March 19, 2010

I love you namecard holder