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FB is not shutting down

April 28, 2011

FB is not shutting down

Facebook is not shutting down but the term “Facebook shutting down March 15” is one of the top Google searches. The rumor did spread around Twitter and Tumblr & as usual people believed it & became panicky.

The rumor started with a Weekly World News piece (it’s a satire site) in which it was written that Mark Zuckerberg was stressed out by running the giant company. They wrote that Zuck said, “Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

It has been reported that Facebook recently took a $50 million investment from Goldman Sachs. They’re hard at work and not about to quit.

At the moment, there’s nothing to worry about, if you’re hooked to FB. But the comments on the write-up Facebook will end on March 15th are really hilarious & more than 15,000 left comments. There’s also a ‘Save FB’ petition.

However, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page has been hacked & the hacker even left a status in which he suggested the site should let people invest in it rather than banks. Interestingly, more than 1800 people liked the update before the company took down its page.
Posted by Nadira Rahman

Celebrating the Royal marriage of William and Kate,” with a space left for the date. The leading high street store has designed a range of memorabilia including traditional china plates, thimbles, mouse mats and Will and Kate shaped pick and mix sweets in anticipation of the event. (Photo by Woolworths via Getty Images)

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April 28, 2011

funny PENS and pencils

April 7, 2011

Credit or debit? Best options for holiday shopping

In recent years, debit cards have become increasingly popular in part because consumers have gotten more cautious in their finances. In 2008, the volume of dollar charged on debit cards exceeded credit card first, and around half of consumers now prefer debit credit cards, especially for day-to-day costs such as edible.

However, when comes to make major purchases, as well as for those special gifts holiday shopping, credit cards may have some advantages over debit cards and not only because they allow you to defer the payments.What therefore with thanks and black corner Friday action, should you play safe leave their drawer, credit card or go to the city and charge happily ever after? we present below some pros and cons to consider:

Advantages of using credit cards

1. Greater protection for purchases, and return protection and guarantees extended.It must spill junior refresh in the new notebook PC keyboard you have for Christmas, you can protect yourself if charged you the notebook crédito.La card purchases in many credit card protection means that card issuers will pick up the tab items stolen or damaged within a time-limited of purchase (often 90 days), even if there is damage to a stupid, error such as “water discharged accidentally” (naturally, intentional damage not covered).

Many issuers of credit cards also offer protection from return. It should a retailer refuse to accept a return, card programs reimburse cardholders for purchased items, provided return tries to 90 days of purchase and the price of the item falls within the benefit limit usually $250 to $300 for Amex cards (with a maximum of $1,000 annually in covered yields) and Visa credit cards.

Finally, usually many extended elements out of the card to duplicate the standard manufacturer’s warranty period up to one full year guarantee extension credit card offer warranty protection.There are limits on the coverage, so check the conditions of your credit cards before loading.

These benefits are more commonly available in premium, such as American Express credit cards cards Visa Signature card, many Visa Business credit cards and certain MasterCard credit cards.The terms of service vary, so check with your card issuer.

2. More protection if steal you his card.Credit and debit cards come with real-time fraud monitoring and offer a policy of zero liability for unauthorized purchases must get stolen the tarjeta.Sin however, protections for debit cards are more limited, and if the card holder not notify the Bank within two days of discover fraudulent charges, he or she could be on the hook for as much as $500.

3. Offer rewards card credit extra perks.For addicts card rewards, who know how to optimize profits rewards, loading vacation Rewards credit card purchases can mean savings of 1 to as high as 5 per cent or higher, in alleged compras.Por to reap the benefits of these rewards, you have to pay the balance every month full-time, or credit card interest rates could quickly could outweigh rewards earnings.

4. Credit cards can help build credit scores.Shopping for a credit card and regularly to amortize them load can help build one credit score, because it demonstrates the capacity to manage credit responsibly.Payment history is composed of 35 percent of credit scores, and using different types of credit also boost scores, so may have a credit card and pay the invoice each month while greatly increasing scores.

Disadvantages of using credit cards:
1. Credit card, it is more likely to spend more.Studies show that people spend more when paying with cards credit than with other methods of payment, including cash and debit cards.As well, unless you are sure that may be disciplined enough to stick the list of the purchase of vacation and not get attracted to in offers irresistible retailers are safe being developed for the holiday season leaving their home credit card may be the best option.

2. It is easy to get caught in the trap of credit card interestThat provides a balance of 0 or 0 APR on purchases APR credit cards transfer may seem everything you need to help you through vacaciones.Sin season however, credit card interest rates are up and finished once this promotional rate could end up paying interest as high as 22.99% holiday purchases.

3. Credit cards can hurt your credit scoreSimilar to credit cards can improve credit scores, will damage. addition of not paying invoices on time, one of the worst mistakes that many consumers that carries high balances on their cards crédito.Esto negatively affects the relationship between the use of credit, another key component of credit scores that represent 30 percent of scores FICO.La general rule is to use less than 30 percent of the appropriations available for all their credit cards, preferably keeping balance in 10-20% of the credit limit.

In short, if you use their advantage, credit cards can are useful for the holiday season, but be careful to avoid the escollos.Y course, use credit versus debit shopping holiday cards do not have to be a cosa.Considere the possibility for larger purchases credit card use and leave them at home for travel purchases to minimize momentum everyday purchases.

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December 6, 2010

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper….

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper. Whether this is true or not is unclear but most offices can cut back on paper and reap the many rewards it can offer.

1) Firstly, you need a recycling facility.

2) Next, try and use emails rather than snail mail. The move effective and easy to implement ways to reduce paper usage in the office is to use computer based messaging instead of the traditional sending letters, fax machines and memos. By doing this you will reduce the outgoings of the office and you will also make employees a lot more efficient as they will not longer have to travel through the office when passing a memo or letter but rather they can just click on send to action an email.

3) Marketing materials, journals and even the daily papers can all be received electronically, which means a paper copy is completely redundant. This is the case as using paper to make magazines is one of the most unnecessary and wasteful uses of paper that there is. This is because magazines and newspapers usually end up in the trash can anyway, so if that is the case then it is just a giant waste of paper. And if you opt for the greener option of an electronic deliver you can make use of articles in presentations or reports more easily than if you had a hard copy.

4) Maybe a white board could replace the need for post-its. Office staff always need to scribble something down and more often than not this is on a post-it note but in the paperless office you may want to use a white board instead. This is the case as it is reusable and is really good way to make handy notes or jot down business ideas or reminders. All of this means that by using a whiteboard you will be able to reduce the amount of paper that is used in the office.

5) And remember, I’m not just talking about cutting back on the use of A4 paper. It also means using hand-dryers in the bathroom rather than paper towels and by replacing paper throw away cups with real and reusable mugs. There is endless amount of things you can do to cut back on paper consumption in the office, it may even be as easy as designating a corner of the office for the proper disposal of paper.

Quite recently one of our associative firms made the move to a Glasgow office and they used the change as an opportunity to turn the office into a paper-reduced office. In the end they saved quite a lot of money and their workers became very efficient when using paper.


Singapore Budget 2011

April 3, 2011

Singapore Budget 2011



Slew of Budget goodies unveiled
By Angela Lim – February 18th, 2011

Singaporeans will receive a total of S$6.6 billion of benefits in the 2011 Singapore Budget announced by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on Friday.

$3.2 billion Grow and Share Package: The average Singaporean household will receive S$3,500 from this year’s Budget. This will come from the S$3.2 billion to be spent on the “Grow and Share Package” and S$3.4 billion in longer-term Social Investments for households this year.

All adult Singaporeans will also receive Growth Dividends to share the fruits of last year’s exceptional economic growth. The majority of Singaporeans – 80% – will get $600 to $800 each.

CPF rate revision: The Government will raise the employer contribution rate to CPF accounts by another 0.5 percentage points, from 15.5% to 16%, which will restore the total contribution, rate to 36%. The additional 0.5% will go into the Special Account.

The Government will also revise the CPF salary ceiling from $4,500 to $5,000 per month to keep pace with income growth in recent years. This will align the salary ceiling back to the 80th percentile income, and help middle-income Singaporeans.

Radio and TV licence fees removed permanently: The annual licence fee of S$110 for televisions and S$27 for vehicle radios will be removed with immediate effect. Those who have not paid this year’s fees will not have to make the payment, while a refund will be given to those who have already paid.

Mr Tharman said that’s because the fees are losing their relevance. He said televisions are no longer limited to middle and higher-income groups, with 99 per cent of lower-income households owning them today.

Tax cuts: Singaporeans will receive a personal income tax rebate of 20% for individual resident taxpayers for YA 2011. The rebate will be capped at $2,000. Taxes will be reduced significantly for middle and upper-middle income families. Marginal tax rates will be reduced for first S$120,000 of chargeable income.

Levy increase for foreign workers: The Government will also introduce more levy increases on foreign workers for all sectors this year. Most of the additional measures will be phased in at six-monthly intervals, starting only from 1 January 2012, and extending till 1 July 2013, one year beyond the previous schedule.

S$10 billion home upgrading: $10 billion will be spent to upgrade homes and rejuvenate estates over the next 10 years. This is a major effort to preserve the value of HDB flats and will go towards the Home Improvement Programme (HIP), Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) and Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP), it will invest up to $55,000 per flat.

Low-income groups will also receive additional housing subsidies to better afford their homes. The Government will set aside S$175 million each year for the new Special CPF Housing Grant to help the bottom 50% Singapore households own their homes.

Source: Dreams & Attitudes: Spore 2011 budget….fantastic!