Funny & Bad Business Names

August 20, 2011

Funny & Bad Business Names
Bad business names are those that work on word play, puns of the job, current trends, and bad abbreviations (well business name abbreviations can be funny but not the most appropriate).

Although some business names can be funny, that doesn’t make them any good.

•Bologna Boutique
•Butt’s Real Estate
•Casket Basement
•Caviar Shack
•Chainsaw Cottage
•Cheese Closet
•Circus Pizza World
•Clam Fort
•Dick Wood Hardware
•Dirty Joe’s Crab Shack
•Dress Barn (women are already sensitive about their size. Barn- Cow- Fat Pig… Come on…)
•Futon Crawlspace
•Hair Foyer
•Hat Gazebo
•Girdle Garage
•Outerwear Outhouse
•Pizza Privy
•Salami Salon
•Sew What
•Software Shelf
•Supreme Fish Delight
•Taco Mezzanine
•Tofu Loft
•Tuxedo Hut
•Yogurt Yurt

Inappropriately Funny Business Names
Inappropriate business names are those that evoke a bad image. Well, not all the time, but when a business name evokes a neutral, or negative connotation, the business name is inappropriate.

In terms of an inappropriate business name, it’s not quite like inappropriate words, phrases, and behaviors from normal daily life. These business names are more or less those that are just inappropriate names for a business or that type of business.

•A Deli Named Desire Restaurant
•A Pane In The Glass
•Beauty & The Beach
•Buy & Large
•Buy The Pound
•Clear’s Looking At You Inc
•Copy Cat Reproductions
•Drain Surgeons
•Eat My Martini
•Frisky Business
•Fuk Hing Int. Development Co, LTD
•Hell On Reels Productions
•Get Crabs Here
•Get Plastered
•Meat on the Beach
•Murder Ink
•Nightie Night
•PMS General Trading Co.
•Ride Us- Used Cars
•Royal Flush Cesspool Sewer & Drain Cleaning
•Rock Bottom Industries
•Sexy Sleeps Motel
•S.T.D Contractors
•T’s Me
•That’s The Spirit Wines & Liquors
•The Stalk Market
•Wine Not
•You Bed Your Life

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