Importance of Protecting Your Investments

By on December 23, 2011

In the face of tough economic times, it is not uncommon to look for savings and seek out ways to make economies of scale on everyday costs. Reducing fuel bills by turning down the thermostat on the central heating even by one degree can make a difference, as can reconsidering whether subscriptions for non-essential items are really necessary.

There is one area where savings are not often considered, and that is insurance, although insurance companies are competing for customers just like other businesses. This does not mean, however, that cancelling or deciding not to renew home insurance should be considered as a saving worth making – far from it. In fact the opposite is true as the risks considerably outweigh any apparent savings. Instead, the smartest option is to look around for the best deals available from reputable insurance companies.

Is Insurance Really Necessary?

Importance of Protecting Your InvestmentsImportance of Protecting Your Investments

Insurance is a vital form of protection and one that no one can afford to be without. In particular, those who own their own home or who are repaying a mortgage must be sure they have sufficient home insurance to cover both the property and the contents; in most cases those living in rented accommodation will find that the landlord has insured the building but, even so, contents insurance is important so that personal items are covered in the event of loss or damage.


Home insurance protects against a number of potential risks and, even though thinking about these is not pleasant, it is nevertheless essential to make sure that the level of cover is adequate for all eventualities. Property is vulnerable to burglary and to accidental damage by fire or water – electrical supplies, wiring and appliances can and do go wrong; pipes are known to burst and cause flooding. Then there are natural disasters that affect homes, where structural damage can result. With inadequate or, worst of all, no protection, householders and flat-dwellers are at the mercy of thieves, the elements and accidents. Not having insurance, or having too little, is undoubtedly a false economy.

What are the Benefits?

Luckily, home insurance at the right level goes a long way to help out in the event of an unfortunate occurrence. This is why, for example, mortgage lenders insist on building insurance – if an uninsured home burns down they will lose their investment in the property. With the right protection, there is some comfort in the fact that carpets and furniture can be replaced, and that the value of other stolen items can be recovered.

Policies vary according to a number of key factors and normally insurers will offer quotes for premiums based on individual circumstances. Some insurance policies will cover people who are visiting a property and suffer an accident – a trip or slip that results in them breaking an arm or a leg, perhaps. With contents insurance, significant items will have to be valued and the basis on which the insurance is arranged can vary according to the fine print. It always pays to ensure policy documents are completely understood and the level of insurance provided will not leave claimants out of pocket in the event of an unfortunate incident.




Relationship Mistakes

March 1, 2012

No.10 Don’t Expect Her To Change

Don’t expect them to change. People change because they want to, not because you want them to.


No.9 Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests

Here’s the straight scoop. There is a woman who will love playing video games with you. There is a woman who loves sports. Hell, there is a woman who loves polka, if that’s what you’re into. Don’t get stuck in the trap of believing “what girls are like” and accepting someone who doesn’t mesh with you based on this foolish common “knowledge.”

If you don’t want to be forced to watch Sex and the City, find a woman who’s not interested in Sex and the City, or one who is but who respects that you aren’t. Don’t want to go shopping? Tell your woman or find one who doesn’t want to drag you along. Many of the problems I hear guys complaining about could be easily fixed by finding someone who actually shares their interests instead of the first hot body that catches their eye, or by putting their foot down at the beginning of the relationship. Don’t pretend you like things you don’t, don’t go out of your way to pretend you’re someone you’re not; just be you and find someone who enjoys what you do.

I think this is the secret to happiness in relationships.

No.8 Don’t Make Assumptions

The biggest relationship mistake I see young men make is thinking that “women are this way” from all the stupid “forever alone,” “Hey, aren’t girls crazy?” and “Hey, listen to this story about my crazy girlfriend” stories that float around.

No.7 Try To See Things From Her Point Of View

I would have to add empathy to that list. Being able to place yourself in your partner’s shoes and see things from their perspective is very important when diffusing fights or disagreements. The challenge is to get your partner to also do this on a regular basis.

No.6 Make Sure You’re On The Same Page

Furthermore, be careful for “feelings inequity” (she likes you more than you like her, or vice versa). Not sure if this is a problem, but most relationships go badly because of this. I’m not sure if there’s even anything you can do about it, just something to watch out for.

No.5 Learn To Compromise

The biggest breakdown in communication is when both parties expect different things. You can’t expect to have the same feelings on every issue, but you should be able to find an equitable meeting place. If one party keeps having to compromise but the other doesn’t, it can get bitter quickly.

No.4 Tell Her How You Feel

Tell her about it. F*ck being clingy. If you feel something, really feel it. Say it. If she doesn’t feel the same way, you’ll lose this one girl, but if she does and you wait too long, you could regret it forever.

No.3 Always Resolve Issues

Always resolve issues; don’t leave things you care about unresolved. If you care about something don’t say “That’s OK” when she gives you a half-assed excuse. If it actually isn’t OK that she still sees her ex every Friday night, tell her. It will eat at you if you don’t.

No.2 Don’t Get Personal

When you argue, don’t get personal. Respect her. Don’t say things that will hurt her feelings and expect she does the same. Your loved ones can cut you the deepest, but they never should.

No.1 Make Sure To Communicate

Lack of communication. Make sure you talk sensibly about the things that bother you and, in turn, when she does the same, don’t make judgments too fast; think about how you respond.
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December 1, 2011

The computer screen is not very good at displaying a big historical timeline; the low typographic resolution of the screen forces viewers to scroll endlessly through century after century (and, even worse, horizontal scrolling). Perhaps, on the computer screen, time should flow vertically, with events described by lines of horizontal type at each date. On the other hand, it is nice to maintain the time-flowing-left-to-right convention used in excellent timelines (printed, lots of overlapping events, hundreds of events).
Edward Tufte, Ask ET, 2002

A Lawyer, a Rabbi, and a Hindu

A lawyer and two friends–a Rabbi, and a Hindu holy man–had car trouble in the countryside and asked to spend the night with a farmer.

The farmer said, “There might be a problem. You see, I only have room for two to sleep in the house. So one of you must sleep in the barn.”

“No problem,” chimed the Rabbi. “My people wandered in the desert for forty years. I am humble enough to sleep in the barn for one evening.” With that he departed to the barn, and the others bedded down for the night.

Moments later a knock was heard at the door; the farmer opened the door. There stood the Rabbi from the barn. “What’s wrong?” asked the farmer. He replied, “I am grateful to you, but I just can’t sleep in the barn. There is a pig in the barn, and my faith believes that is an unclean animal.”

His Hindu friend agrees to swap places with him. But a few minutes later the same scene reoccurs. There is a knock on the door. “What’s wrong?” the farmer asks. The Hindu holy man replies, “I, too, am grateful for your helping us out, but there is a cow in the barn. In my country cows are considered sacred and I can’t sleep on holy ground!”

That left only the lawyer to make the change. He grumbled and complained, but went out to the barn. Moments later there was another knock on the farmer’s door. Frustrated and tired, the farmer opens the door, and there stood the pig and the cow.

The best watches

June 12, 2011

De Beers

I love this diamond heavy watch from Debeers. Supremely decadent without looking tacky it is paved with round diamonds and set centrally with one rough, unpolished diamond. Who needs a ring when you could wear this many diamonds on your wrist?

De Beers (020-7758 9700) – £6,600


I love the Eighties charm of Casio. The G-Shock and Baby G were originally sold on their shock and water resistance, although the punchy futuristic design and range of colours meant that they quickly became cult watches. This limited-edition white version is one of a select range to celebrate 25 years of the G-Shock.

Casio ( – £79.99


Too lazy to bother with reading the time? Love gadgets? The charmingly named Cheapo watch company has created one that will tell you exactly what time it is at the press of a button. A bargain at £20 and guaranteed to impress friends in the playground.

Urban Outfitters ( – £20

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Last year Marc Jacobs’s cute, fruit-shaped pendant watches started a huge trend in pendant clocks and a whole host of imitations. The classic pear and apple designs are still available, but Marc Jacobs has moved on to launch a quirky range of wrist watches and newpendant designs like this elegant, ringpull version.

Marc by Marc Jacobs (0870 224 6633) – £180


There are few watches more practical than Puma’s Viga digital watch, a lightweight plastic number. The supple plastic strap is extremely comfortable and the rather chic, unexpected flash of red along the sides is an attractive bonus.

ASOS ( – £70

Anna Lou

The playful jewellery designer Anna Lou has branched out and launched a kitsch and colourful collection of seven watches. They have been designed with partying in mind. This diamante-rimmed poster-paint red watch is made from chunky, durable plastic. It is also handily water resistant, so a spilt drink won’t equal the end.

Anna Lou ( – £89

Paul Smith

Not every man can successfully pull off a gold watch with a bright pink face. Those who can, however, will look great in this perky number by Paul Smith, a designer well known for his love of bold colour.

Paul Smith (020-7379 7133; – £555


Really stand out from the crowd with a vintage Rolex. The Vintage Watch Company specialises in rare collectables and classic designs dating as far back as 1910. This delicate number is a rare 1920s watch. It’s probably not one for wearing poolside, but for thosewho have 17 grand spare, it’s an irreplaceable and beautiful investment piece.

Vintage Watch Company ( – £16,900


It may not be to everyone’s taste, but teens who like bold accessories won’t be disappointed with this season’s collection of Guesswatches. This blingtastic City Lights purple watch is ideal for girls who like to experiment with colour and clothes.

Guess (01604 678940) – £170

Toy Watch

Toy Watch was launched in Milan in 2006 by the designer Marco Mavilla. The ironic “antiluxury”, Day-Glo, lightweight, oversized, plastic creations have since become must-have items and Clive Owen, Johnny Knoxville and Leonardo DiCaprio can be listed among their many fans.

Zadig and Voltaire

It is still relatively unknown in the UK but the edgy French label Zadig and Voltaire is rapidly expanding, gaining cult status in rock’n’roll circles. A new store has just opened in north London and two more are due inNovember. They have created a hip collection of chunky, metal watches. Choose from elegant, fallen-angel designs to sinister skull and cross-bone numbers.

Celebrating the Royal marriage of William and Kate,” with a space left for the date. The leading high street store has designed a range of memorabilia including traditional china plates, thimbles, mouse mats and Will and Kate shaped pick and mix sweets in anticipation of the event. (Photo by Woolworths via Getty Images)

December 6, 2010

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper….

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper. Whether this is true or not is unclear but most offices can cut back on paper and reap the many rewards it can offer.

1) Firstly, you need a recycling facility.

2) Next, try and use emails rather than snail mail. The move effective and easy to implement ways to reduce paper usage in the office is to use computer based messaging instead of the traditional sending letters, fax machines and memos. By doing this you will reduce the outgoings of the office and you will also make employees a lot more efficient as they will not longer have to travel through the office when passing a memo or letter but rather they can just click on send to action an email.

3) Marketing materials, journals and even the daily papers can all be received electronically, which means a paper copy is completely redundant. This is the case as using paper to make magazines is one of the most unnecessary and wasteful uses of paper that there is. This is because magazines and newspapers usually end up in the trash can anyway, so if that is the case then it is just a giant waste of paper. And if you opt for the greener option of an electronic deliver you can make use of articles in presentations or reports more easily than if you had a hard copy.

4) Maybe a white board could replace the need for post-its. Office staff always need to scribble something down and more often than not this is on a post-it note but in the paperless office you may want to use a white board instead. This is the case as it is reusable and is really good way to make handy notes or jot down business ideas or reminders. All of this means that by using a whiteboard you will be able to reduce the amount of paper that is used in the office.

5) And remember, I’m not just talking about cutting back on the use of A4 paper. It also means using hand-dryers in the bathroom rather than paper towels and by replacing paper throw away cups with real and reusable mugs. There is endless amount of things you can do to cut back on paper consumption in the office, it may even be as easy as designating a corner of the office for the proper disposal of paper.

Quite recently one of our associative firms made the move to a Glasgow office and they used the change as an opportunity to turn the office into a paper-reduced office. In the end they saved quite a lot of money and their workers became very efficient when using paper.

April 2011 Gatherings by Camelia

“Came” means Business Networking (referral business/business gathering)

welcome to Camelia gatherings

Came 339
1 April 2011 (friday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: pappa RICH,PJ Newtown, Jalan 8,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia. (near Menara MBPJ)

Came 340
3 April 2011 (sunday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Starbuck,Menara Weld, Jalan Raja Chulan,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Came 341
3 April 2011 (sunday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Station 1 cafe, Uptown damansara, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.

Came 342
8 April 2011 (Friday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Coffee Bean, The Midvalley Mega Mall,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia (near MPH/Secret Recipe)

Came 343
9 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Burger King,Masjid Jamek,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia (near LRT/STAR)

Came 344
9 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Old Town White Coffee,Jaya ONE,Jalan University,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia (near MPH/Secret Recipe)

Came 345
18 April 2011 (Monday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue:Old Town White Coffee, Pavilion Mall,Jalan Bukit Bintang,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Came 346
19 April 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Nyonya Colors,The Midvalley Mega Mall,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Came 347
19 April 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Mc Donald,One Utama Shopping Mall,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia

Came 348
19 April 2011 (Tuesday)
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Mc Donald,One Utama Shopping Mall,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia

Came 349
20 April 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Teh Tarik Place, Empire Gallery Mall,SS16,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.

Came 350
20 April 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Uncle lim, Subang Parade Shopping Mall,SS16,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia. (next to CarreFour Subang)

Came 351
20 April 2011 (Wednesday)
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Uncle lim, Subang Parade Shopping Mall,SS16,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia. (next to CarreFour Subang)

Came 352
23 April 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Old Town White Coffee, Tmn Midah,Cheras,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia (opposite Taman Midah)

Came 353
24 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Aseana Kafe & Bar,Suria KLCC Mall,KLCC,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

Came 354
24 April 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Old Town White Coffee,ssTwo Mall, ss2,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.

Came 355
28 April 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Pappa Rich,Uptown Damansara,Damansara Utama,Jalan ss21,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.

Came 355
28 April 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Pappa Rich,Uptown Damansara,Damansara Utama,Jalan ss21,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.

Came 356
29 April 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Venue: Station 1 cafe, Sunway Metro, PJS,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.(near Sunway Pryramid Mall/KFC outlet)

Came 356
29 April 2011 (Friday)
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Venue: Station 1 cafe, Sunway Metro, PJS,Petaling Jaya,Selangor,Malaysia.(near Sunway Pryramid Mall/KFC outlet)

Pls Call /SMS to confirm the date/place/time.

Please give me time to reserve a seat for you.

Do not be LAST MINUTE.I will not entertain you.

You may bring your friends or bosses or spouse.


Mobile : 6-016-9795515
Love Camelia
Malaysian Chinese lady

*Venue and time subject to change
*Please pay your drinks / meals
*No entrance fee and no membership

My MAC Computer

March 16, 2011