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January 2, 2012

Kill Bill 2

FedEx Kinkos – Office Products

FedEx Kinkos – Office Products

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Condomshop.ch – Don’t be stupid, protect yourself.

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PAIN IN THE NECK could be from your computer

by Hege Crowton – Date: 2005-12-08 – Word Count: 688

Did you know that spending long hours at your computer can put your health at serious risk? Most people does not even consider that possibility, but t does, Working at a desk is extremely hard on your body, and I would like to share this with you so maybe you can avoid some of the most common health risks. One of the most common one is: NECK PAIN

Tips for NECK PAIN relief

Neck pain can really get irritating if it persists for long periods of time. The pain can get unbearable that’s why some people succumb to taking medications or pain relievers only to find out that they don’t do them any good. Let’s check out these simple and basic tips on how to treat and relieve you from neck pain.

1. Get spinal checkups regularly. It is very important to always keep your spine aligned. This can ensure the proper functioning of your neck and back, specifically the upper region. Your chiropractor will do spinal adjustments on you. This can decrease the stress on your thoracic and cervical spines. It also improves the communication between your brain and all parts of the body. As a result, a happier and healthier you.

2. Always be conscious of your posture. There are a lot of people who exhibit poor posture. When asked to stand up straight, they are unable to exude the proper posture anymore. This is because they have been used to that kind of posture and they are unaware of it already. Proper posture does not only involve the back, as lot may think. It also includes the neck. Poor posture, if not dealt with can give rise to neck pain as well.

3. Exercise regularly. Exercising does not only do good to the body’s muscular and cardiovascular system but to the skeletal system, too. For an efficient and effective program, you have to do at least three sessions a week for about forty minutes. In order to be more inspired to do these exercises, involve the whole family and your friends. It will benefit, not only yourself, but your loved ones as well.

4. Eat well and eat right. Naturally, you keep your body healthy by eating the right food at the right amount. When you observe proper diet and nutrition, your body will the given the appropriate energy or fuel that can increase your endurance and performance. It can also increase your body’s immune system to fight injuries and sickness. It can speep your recovery from injury and it also makes you feel good. If you are having a hard time eating right, you might as well consider taking up dietary supplements to cover up for vitamin and mineral deficiencies in your body.

5. Manage stress. There are a lot of techniques devised to relieve stress, if not to eliminate it totally. Usually, stress is carried on the upper back, the shoulders, and the neck. If you prefer, go to your nearest chiropractor to ask about these techniques and how to do them the right way.

6. Do not put pressure on your neck. For example, while using the telephone, do not use your neck and shoulders to hold it while you talk. In the office, always sit properly and keep your neck straight by working at eye level. You can unconsciously get neck pain during sleep because you are unaware of your movements. You can use a cervical pillow for this. You can also roll a towel and put it around the curve of your neck while you sleep. Never sleep on your stomach.

7. Stretch. It is always best to do stretching if possible. In the office or at home, you can take short breaks just to reduce the tension. Some massage won’t hurt either. It can decrease the tension not only on your shoulders but also on your neck.

Do not let yourself get weighed down by neck pain. If you are one of those people suffering from neck pain, do not fret. There are a lot of simple techniques and remedies you can get and use wherever you may be.

There are other risks as you sit in front of that computer but it would be to much to write about in this article, so if you would like to learn more about other risks such as:

Eye strain RSI (Repetitive Stress Syndrome) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Constant Head Aches Dizziness Breathing Problems Difficulty Concentrating

You can learn all about this in the book: “The Painless PC”, which can be found at:


Various studies have found that people with chronic pain actually smoke tobacco at a higher rate. Yet it is known that smoking negatively impacts pain management. Many that experience chronic back pain or neck pain are much more likely to be longtime tobacco smokers. All electronic cigarette brands deliver nicotine without tobacco. The user effectively quit tobacco with e cigarettes.

Need a nickname for your bully?

The following is an excerpt from a children’s book, Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants by Dave Pilkey. The evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names…..

Use the first letter of your first name to determine your NEW first name:
a = stinky
b = lumpy
c = buttercup
d = gidget
e = crusty
f = greasy
g = fluffy
h = cheeseball
i = chim-chim
j = poopsie
k = flunky
l = booger
m = pinky
n = zippy
o = goober
p = doofus
q = slimy
r = loopy
s = snotty
t = falafel
u = dorkey
v = squeezit
w = oprah
x = skipper
y = dinky
z = zsa-zsa

Use the first letter of your last name to determine the first half of your NEW last name:

a = diaper
b = toilet
c = giggle
d = bubble
e = girdle
f = barf
g = lizard
h = waffle
i = cootie
j = monkey
k = potty
l = liver
m = banana
n = rhino
o = burger
p = hamster
q = toad
r = gizzard
s = pizza
t = gerbil
u = chicken
v = pickle
w = chuckle
x =tofu
y = gorilla
z = stinker

Use the last letter of your last name to determine the second half of your NEW last name:

a = head
b = mouth
c = face
d = nose
e = tush
f = breath
g = pants
h = shorts
i = lips
j = honker
k = butt
l = brain
m = tushie
n = chunks
o = hiney
p = biscuits
q = toes
r = buns
s = fanny
t = sniffer
u = sprinkles
v = kisser
w = squirt
x =humperdinck
y = brains
z = juice

Thus, for example, George Bush’s new name is Fluffy Toiletshorts. Bill Clinton becomes Lumpy Gigglechunks, Tony Blair becomes Falafel Toiletbuns and Saddam Hussein becomes Snotty Wafflechunks.


June 25, 2011


We have all been to those meetings where someone wants over 100% Here’s to achieving 103%. Here’s a little
math that might prove helpful in the future!

What makes life 100%?


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

8 1 18 4 23 15 18 11 = 98 % Only

11 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5 = 96 % Only

1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = 100 %

B U L L * * * T
2 21 12 12 19 8 9 20 = 103%

Monday, 06 June 2011 19:32
Pomegranate juice could reduce stress

Pomegranate juice could reduce stress in the workplace, according to new research. The study found that having the drink every day resulted in lower stress hormones and a reduction in blood pressure.

Researchers at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, studied the physiological effect of daily consumption of 500ml of Pomegreat Pure pomegranate juice over a two-week period. They found that all 60 volunteers – from a range of working environments – reported being more enthusiastic and less distressed after having the drink.

The study was funded by the Pomegreat drinks company.


December 6, 2010

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper….

People say that the way things are developing that books and paper will become a thing of the past and that one day we’ll all work in an eco-friendly office that does not use or waste paper. Whether this is true or not is unclear but most offices can cut back on paper and reap the many rewards it can offer.

1) Firstly, you need a recycling facility.

2) Next, try and use emails rather than snail mail. The move effective and easy to implement ways to reduce paper usage in the office is to use computer based messaging instead of the traditional sending letters, fax machines and memos. By doing this you will reduce the outgoings of the office and you will also make employees a lot more efficient as they will not longer have to travel through the office when passing a memo or letter but rather they can just click on send to action an email.

3) Marketing materials, journals and even the daily papers can all be received electronically, which means a paper copy is completely redundant. This is the case as using paper to make magazines is one of the most unnecessary and wasteful uses of paper that there is. This is because magazines and newspapers usually end up in the trash can anyway, so if that is the case then it is just a giant waste of paper. And if you opt for the greener option of an electronic deliver you can make use of articles in presentations or reports more easily than if you had a hard copy.

4) Maybe a white board could replace the need for post-its. Office staff always need to scribble something down and more often than not this is on a post-it note but in the paperless office you may want to use a white board instead. This is the case as it is reusable and is really good way to make handy notes or jot down business ideas or reminders. All of this means that by using a whiteboard you will be able to reduce the amount of paper that is used in the office.

5) And remember, I’m not just talking about cutting back on the use of A4 paper. It also means using hand-dryers in the bathroom rather than paper towels and by replacing paper throw away cups with real and reusable mugs. There is endless amount of things you can do to cut back on paper consumption in the office, it may even be as easy as designating a corner of the office for the proper disposal of paper.

Quite recently one of our associative firms made the move to a Glasgow office and they used the change as an opportunity to turn the office into a paper-reduced office. In the end they saved quite a lot of money and their workers became very efficient when using paper.


Funny Office wellness

March 16, 2011

Energy Saving Tips for Copy Machines

The copier is the ubiquitous office machine–7 million in are in use in the U.S. and more than 1.5 million new ones are sold each year, reports Pacific Gas and Electric. Anyone who has worked in an office has probably used one at least once—or spent hours in front of one, making piles of copies. The copier isn’t cheap, and not just because of its price tag. Office equipment is the fastest-growing use of electricity in commercial buildings in the United States, says the U.S. Department of Energy. The electricity consumed by office equipment costs businesses nearly $2 million each year, and copy machines play a big part in that number.

Turn it Off
Copiers are the most energy-intensive type of office equipment, reports Pacific Gas and Electric. The energy cost for a typical office copier is between $110 and $130 per year. One major reason for this is a simple one—they never get turned off. Think about it—when was the last time you turned off the copier before leaving the office for the evening? Designate one person to hit the power button before leaving for the day. You can even plug the copier into a power strip and just turn the strip off at night.

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Power Save
Many modern copy machines have power-save features, and in fact they must have them in order to receive the Energy Star label. Energy Star copiers use less energy than other copiers, primarily through the use of the power-save function that shuts the copier down when not in use. These copy machines can be set to go into low-power mode after a certain period of inactivity, and then shut off completely. This can cut energy use by 60 percent, reports Green California, the state’s energy efficiency web page. Also, since copy machines in the “on” position run very hot, the power-save mode can help reduce air conditioning bills.

You may think duplexing, or printing on both sides of a sheet of paper, is a positive thing only because it saves paper. While that is a good thing, it’s not the only reason. It actually takes 10 times more energy to produce a sheet of paper than it does to print on it, says copier manufacturer Kyocera. Reducing paper consumption, then, helps reduce energy costs as well. All Energy Star copiers have duplexing capability, and many are set with this as the default.

Don’t Copy
Jokes about office workers making copies of their faces or other body parts aside, unnecessary copying is a big energy waster. Do you really need to make a copy of that email so your boss can see it? Can the inter-office memo be emailed to recipients, rather than making a copy for everyone’s desk? Simply not copying items that you can disseminate in other ways can be a major energy saver.