Bad Effect Of Computers

February 12, 2011

Bad Effect Of Computers

How computers affect our health

Can you remember the last day when you haven’t used your computer? Or the last week when you didn’t touch the keyboard? I’m pretty sure you can’t, as computers entered our lives fast and we are now used to use them every day.

All this sounds ok, but I’m guessing you don’t know what health problems we are exposed to if we use computers too much. A few weeks ago I’ve came across a short list of health problems caused by a geek lifestyle, but I didn’t had time to tell you about them, till today.

So, let’s take them one by one:

• Sleep disorders – insomnia or often awakening during the nights. Cause is frequent use on PC or laptop right after you wake up. Resolution is pretty simple, don’t lay in bad working, just do something that doesn’t stimulate your brain too much.
• Headaches – often caused by improper environment surrounding computer use. Check your screen position, room lighting, chair, glasses.
Back pain – caused by improper chair sitting position and prolonged absence of back muscles exercises
• Poor attention span – that very interesting. We are used to do multitasking, working with different programs at the same time and being concentrated on several points on the screen, when feedback is expected. When we are facing only one task, we get bored faster, we can’t concentrate enough on the singular task. Meetings, when you have to be focus on the discussion is a killer. There isn’t too much you can do to correct this, as your brain takes longer to learn another work pattern.

As you can see, I’ve said “we” several times, as I consider myself an intensive computer user, with more than 10 hours a day of online time. Maybe future will solve those kind of health problems, but I’m not counting on it. I’m now trying to figure out a lifestyle that gets me enough time with my beloved computers without putting my life in danger. What do you think? Do you manage to escape the terrible force of online…

Good Ways to Make Money Fast

November 22, 2010

Good Ways to Make Money Fast

List Building

Building up lists is a great way to make money online, to sell off to webmasters. Lists that are in demand, such as, dofollow links, web 2.0’s, directories, news letters, whatever, are some great examples of lists that webmasters are willing to pay for. A great webmaster forum is the Digital Point Forums.

Provide Services

If you got some expertise in logo designing or simply graphic designing, anything that is self explanatory, people are willing to pay good for your services if you are good at what you do that is. It doesn’t have to end there, if you got a tool or a software that other people simply don’t have as well, whether it be Photoshop, Sony Vegas, whatever, you can be making profits from simple tweaks of these softwares. Make those softwares profitable because they can provide some good number of income.

Rent Out Your Empty Room

Like most families, when they have an empty space in their household and are in a tight budget, they simply put their ad on classified ads like Craigslist and provide room rental for those who are willing to pay. Prices vary, so it is good to check other people’s listings beforehand as well. Be sure to interview the person as well, because you wouldn’t want to be living with someone who is dishonest and untrustworthy of course.

Also, another great alternative to making money online fast, is joining a program called Project Payday.

Make Money Online the Easy Way
You have probably heard somebody mention an internet business – make money online. This is true nowadays and as long as you are willing to put in the hours to learn the ropes, you can start a business plan and be on your way to achieving financial success with an online business. The internet has certainly revolutionized the way we live our lives, and offers a place where individuals can compete with global organizations that have been enjoying the fruits of their success by staring an internet business.

Creating a business plan is the starting point for any new venture. You need to know your target market, know your competition, attract funding, and secure good resources. You also need to build consumer loyalty and forge alliances with strategic partners to get your online business profitable. Internet business make money online and you should treat it as a business. In fact, it is this notion that started to peak your interest and you decided it is time to find financial success with your own work-at-home business.

Preparation and research is the key. You can do your own research and investigate what the different methods in making money on the internet are. This can include experimenting with hundreds of online opportunities – affiliate program, data entry jobs, paid survey and more. Testimonials that internet business make money online abound and you will find as many sources as possible by scouring the web. You do not need to have any experience to start an internet business, nor do you need to have money to invest. You just need to have some basic computer skills, the ability to get online and use the internet. With these tools, you too can achieve the financial rewards of an online business

Comparison Of Profitability Of RSS And Email Marketing.
RSS. What is this technology? Yes, in general, everything is simple. You can through special programs or services receive messages from RSS-channels that you subscribe in a special way.

RSS is vaguely reminiscent of email. It looks like this – you visit a site, you can see icon of RSS tape (usually orange). Next, you copy the link with this icon into the clipboard, and then move on to the program to read RSS tape or to special services such as Google Reader. You insert a link of the tape from the buffer in the special field and thus now you can directly extract the news from this channel in your RSS-reader.

In fact it is very convenient! But do you know what the problem with RSS is? The problem is that the most people do not use RSS for some impenetrable reasons. Particularly novices do not like RSS!

I see the statistics of the subscriptions to my RSS tape, I see the statistics of the subscriptions to other RSS tape of my colleagues and I see smaller indicators than a subscription to the usual mailing list via email.

What are the causes? It is simple too:

First, it is purely psychological cause. It is much clearer for people what an electronic mailbox is and how to use it, because they have long been receiving regular mail to their real offline mailbox. Here is working the force of mental habit.

Secondly, despite the fact that new technologies appear – most people do not study them, or study in the least even when it is absolutely necessary. And e-mail has already such gained reputation that the vast majority of newcomers to the Internet start with the fact that at first they create a free email account.

Thirdly, RSS have many disadvantages. First this is the lack of opportunities to make your personalized message (it is not possible to use subscriber’s data in text of the messages), and this reduces the degree of confidence. Further, this is the inability to easily operate with subscribers to your tapes, to see statistics there, to do mailing only according to the part of the subscription list; you cannot automatically create a series of messages and a lot of other shortcomings in comparison with email-marketing.

But RSS has one major advantage over email-marketing – 100% deliverability of messages to the subscriber. And always!

Unfortunately, email-marketing can boast only 98% – 99,2% deliverability of messages at best.

It happened precisely because of spam, which made everybody defend against intrusive advertising that clutters mailboxes through the installation of special anti-spam filters. These filters reduced deliverability.

But if you look at the health the advantages and disadvantages of RSS with respect to the confidential email-marketing, the amount of benefits of email-marketing over RSS and other methods of communication on the Internet -is evident!

Email-Marketing continues to be the simplest, most affordable and target exact way of communication between the source (business) and a huge number of receivers (target audience).

Clever email-Marketing continues to have so mad commercial advantage and efficiency that today no self-respecting online business can do without his mailing list. It continues to justify itself in hundreds of times and continues to bring big profits.

Today many people lose the regular job and start online business. But, as any type of business, Internet business also needs marketing and client base. One of the widespread ways is email lists. So before you start, you must know what email list marketing is and how to make cash with it. Visit this site where there is much useful info on build email lists subject.

Today we are living in the world where knowledge quickly enhances the quality of our life.

Due to this if you are properly armed with the knowledge in your sphere of interest you can rest assured that you will in any case find the solution to any bad situation. So, please make sure to get back to this web site on a regular basis or – the easiest way to take care of it – subscribe to its RSS feed. Thus you will have your hand on the pulse of the freshest informational updates here. Blogs can be helpful, you just need to know how to use them.