FB is not shutting down

April 28, 2011

FB is not shutting down

Facebook is not shutting down but the term “Facebook shutting down March 15” is one of the top Google searches. The rumor did spread around Twitter and Tumblr & as usual people believed it & became panicky.

The rumor started with a Weekly World News piece (it’s a satire site) in which it was written that Mark Zuckerberg was stressed out by running the giant company. They wrote that Zuck said, “Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”

It has been reported that Facebook recently took a $50 million investment from Goldman Sachs. They’re hard at work and not about to quit.

At the moment, there’s nothing to worry about, if you’re hooked to FB. But the comments on the write-up Facebook will end on March 15th are really hilarious & more than 15,000 left comments. There’s also a ‘Save FB’ petition.

However, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page has been hacked & the hacker even left a status in which he suggested the site should let people invest in it rather than banks. Interestingly, more than 1800 people liked the update before the company took down its page.
Posted by Nadira Rahman

What the Outside Knows About The Google Corporation
Article by Dawn Tan

The Google Business leadership, organizational culture has successfully made the company listed on the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 best companies to work for. But what do we really know about the Google Corporation?

Google Business
The Google business, leadership and organizational culture has made it one of the world’s most enterprising and fastest growing companies. The main business of Google is Internet searching and the advertising business. This is a multi-billion dollar business with 97% of Google’s revenue coming mainly from its advertising business known as Google Adwords.
As Google strives to remain the top player in its game, it invests heavily into technological advancements to further distance its competitors. As the saying goes, getting to the top is the easy part, staying there takes real effort.
Google’s search services and its advertising services complement one another. Google earns revenue from the Google Adwords advertisers who pay to publish their ads to a specific targeted audience, and Google’s publishing partners deliver those ads to relevant search results, powered by Google Adsense. Google will then pay the publishing partners via Google Adsense, a share of the revenue generated from Google Adwords when readers click on the ads.
Google Leadership
Google is by far the obvious leader in the information publishing industry, with Yahoo and MSN lagging far behind, and it is known as the world’s most preferred search engine. Google’s 10 Point Philosophy Business Philosophy ensures its continued success in the industry.
One of the most important key performance indicators for the information publishing industry would be its popularity among Internet users. The survival of a search engines like Google in the information publishing industry is largely dependent on being the search engine of choice and its ability to reach out to the widest number of users. This is the main reason that Google keeps innovating and continuously improving on the artificial intelligence technology for its search engines to stay relevant for its users, even though Google Search’s algorithm is currently already far more superior than any of its existing competitors.
Clearly, Google is the giant of the industry, taking up 84% of the global search engine market share as at December 2010. This means that out of 10 Internet users, 8-9 people prefer to use Google to search for information.

Google Culture
The Google Business, leadership, organizational culture has successfully made the company listed on the top 10 of Fortune Magazine’s list of the 100 best companies to work for. Although Google had grown phenomenally from its humble beginnings in 1998, it still maintains the culture of a small company. Google spends a lot of money taking care of its staff and giving them plenty of flexibility and perks, from staff remuneration and benefits, health care, child care, to many other employee benefits, like offering free lunches and a great working environment, as well as employee functions and training. All of this is done to attract and retain top notch employees deemed the cream of the crop, brainy programmers, expert IT and market analysts, customer service personnel, and other peripheral staff. To date, Google has about 20,000 full-time employees, and has bagged the world’s best employer award many times over, with high retention rates and strong competition for jobs at the company. It is the dream job of most IT people. In 2010, once again, Google has been listed on the top 10 of Fortune 500’s list of the 100 best companies to work for.

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Thank God …. A is still Apple

The Benefits of Blogger

November 22, 2010

The Benefits of Blogger
•Free Widgets – Blogger might as well be the second name after widgets. Blogger compiles on free widgets that thousands of new Bloggers can use everyday for their blogs, whether it be for personal use, commercial use, and basically any use for free. You can add widgets ranging from, a shout box widget to a clock widget within minutes.
•Earning Money – Google Blogger gives us the ability to put Google ads and other earning ads on our sites for free. Unlike WordPress, Google allows users to earn off their blog using Google’s free blog services. Using great PPC, earning sites such as Google Adsense, Netklix, Chikita, and much much more.
•Google Favors Most – Of course Google will favor one of their most successful services, Blogger and give new Bloggers the ability to easily earn their way on to the top 10 Google results. Google is the most famous and most favorable search engine alive and because Google favors Blogger the most, they are search engine friendly to Blogger users which means, you have a greater advantage on getting to the top 10 results than a blog using WordPress as their provider from the start.
•Get Featured – Google has listened to their users and have grown to be a big name when it comes to Blogging, for years of hard work and promoting, but now they have created a simple system to repay the favor back to the community. They have created a fair system called the ‘next blog’ feature(On the heading on most Blogger sites) and thousands of readers who want a surprise can be redirected to your site for free, but it doesn’t stop there. Google has also compiled sites such as http://www.blogger.com/changes10.g and http://play.blogger.com/ to also be a free resource to redirect readers to your blogs for free. But there is a catch, Google has fitted the most fairest system on the web and you must post frequently to be listed in these top notch sites, used from thousands of readers to look for blogs like yours to read. So, get going and post frequently to take advantage of Google’s ‘Get Featured’ feature and generate free traffic to your blog.
•Thousands of Themes – You can convert your blog template to anything consisting of HTML code format. There are hundreds of free Blogger templates designed for users like you and me and you can find those free sites in our site reviews on free Blogger templates, here.
•Easy Navigation – Google has known to be the creator of making complex services into simple services and they also do that with Blogger. Blogger has the name for easy navigation, featuring the ‘Page Element tab’ where, users can easily navigate and add stuff anywhere in their blog. Once you have created your blog, you can easily see how easy it is to add or delete items called, ‘Widgets’ anywhere on your blog. Check it out for your self, it just takes thirty seconds to start your blog!
•HTML Based – Your blog being HTML based means, you can easily add new applications anywhere on your blog. You are in charge in what goes and goes out in your blog. You are in charge of how your blog looks like.
•Dedicated Support – Blogger has a free support time dedicated to helping the community and get on the stop issues with Blogger. Even if you are using their free blog services, they treat you like a loyal customer and will get fast solutions right away.
Blogger Limitations
•Limitations – Although Blogger provides unlimited capacity for the number of posts one posts, there is a 1024MB limitation of photos that you can upload, using Google’s free Blogger services. (Hint. If you upload a photo on your blog and you want to delete it, you can’t because it goes to the database and you are unable to erase it. 1024MB or 1GB can take years to fill!)
•HTML Themes – Blogger uses HTML coded themes that most web designers don’t use so, we are limited to some of the most basic themes. WordPress gets the name of having the most professional looking themes because they use the same CSS format that most web designers use to sell their products. If you are looking for an ad free blog provider, WordPress capitalizes on professional web themes.
•Limited Plugins – Blogger doesn’t have many plugins as much as WordPress has. WordPress has thousands of free plugins provided from the community to easily automate stuff to easily make your site feel more vibrant and beautiful.
Wordpress have been head over heels and has been a great competitor of Blogger for years now, but what differentiates WordPress from Blogger, the Google providers? I have been speculating a few resources and have thought that it was such a wonderful post, that I must share it. Read the benefits and limitations of WordPress from Quickonlinetips, here.